Friday, December 17, 2010

Network Marketing ~ I've Tried it Before - Forget It!

Okay fair enough, but just give me a bit of time (maybe quite a bit of time) and I think you'll have a different thought process once you've went through this article.

You love it or you hate it - which is it?
Go ahead, answer the question...and answer it honestly!

By keeping an open mind during this article, you might just be surprised as to whether you do love it or hate it! But only if you read it in it's entirety.

Just saying MLM will sometimes make people cringe with the thought. Network Marketing, MutliLevel Marketing, or MLM all these are basically the same thing. The person in the network is an independent distributor for the program and products represented by the parent company. Don't let misconceptions hold you back from making a decision to the route your thoughts take. Then at the end of this article you can put it all together based on an informed decision, or at least you can comment and contribute your thoughts.

If you're an intelligent and reasonable person (which I believe most people are) you won't let your pre-conceived notions hold you back. People will make snap decisions and judgements about this type of business and in doing so can be totally and completely wrong.

Something I read once ~ and it can be to your benefit to keep this in mind as well...
"Many an optimist has become rich by buying out a Pessimist"

There are a lot of negative things about MLM or Network Marketing, but just so you know the game has changed considerably on the internet versus off the internet. For one is the "napkin" presentation ~ this has somewhat faded into oblivion. The internet has brought MLM to the forefront and the promise of financial freedom to fruition with new technologies and systems. It is enabling average people to enjoy a tremendous income while avoiding a lot of the hardships that usually took place in the offline world of MLM.

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