Monday, April 30, 2012

Now is the Perfect Time For You to Become Self-Employed

Learn exactly how to make the transformation to business owner.

In some people it just happens...they transform from a person who is programmed to work hard, in most cases as an employee -- into a person who works smart -- inspired to be creative, and self-employed.

That is the first step to true independence, where you worry about money much less, and you're able to enjoy life, instead of working all the time.

Unfortunately, most people never make that transformation. In fact, some people are more than happy to stay in an unfulfilled job indefinitely. That's because working hard actually seems easier than thinking hard! Plus, there are very few risks or changes when you're not moving forward.

When you're stuck in a job, especially a job you do not like, dreaming of other possibilities seems like... well, a dream.

I know, I've been there and know what it's like...................

Here's what "STUCK" felt like to me...

Getting up early every morning in most cases, with the aid of an alarm clock.

Going through the morning routine, sitting in traffic and struggling to get to work on time.

Stopping for a cup of coffee on the way to work and thinking about, or in many cases, dreading my up coming day.

Doing what I was told or what was expected of me for eight or so hours until the clock hit quitting time.

Going home and settling in for some TV time before going to sleep, so I could wake up and do it all over again.

Sounds a bit mundane, perhaps even boring, eh?
Believe me, it can be if you let it. I know, because I was stuck in that routine for many years. It was all I knew, and it's what most people know. Then one day I decided to see what else was out there and started to look into business opportunities so I could transition out of the situation I was in and I was introduced to the world of self-employment.

Although the first opportunity did not turn out to be the answer for me, the action I took was. Yes, that day something woke me up and I made the transformation from working hard to working smart.

Here's what the "TRANSFORMATION" felt like to me...

Getting up early every morning then researching and writing down an idea or two about which direction to take to become a self-employed business owner.

Putting in maximum effort at my job until the clock hit quitting time, just to test my ambition, motivation and drive.

Jotting down more ideas for my first business venture.

Trading my nightly TV time for 2 - 3 hours on the computer doing research, entering my ideas and creating my projects and goals.

Now, look closely at the two situations. In reality, they are not too different, are they? I mean, I did not quit my job and I still had lots of time to do what I wanted. I simply motivated myself and my thought processes to be more creative and use my time more wisely.

A better way to look at it is to change your thoughts..............I did and although I am still working a full time job, that will be ending in the near future!

Take the first step in the right direction by taking action.

This type of action can lead you to a six figure income in short order. Eventually it can allow you to work less hours and accomplish more both personally and financially.

It's about fitting work around living, not the other way around. All you have to do is make the conscious decision to shift your thinking and try something new.

And that, is the step most people never take.

So today, I want you to answer a couple questions...

...are you working hard or working smart?

...are you working for yourself, or for someone else?

The sure way to beat any recession is to rely only on yourself for your financial well-being. Only then will you be able to create income whenever you need it. You'll never worry about layoffs, bills or recessions.

The key to success is taking the first step and transforming the way you think.

There IS A PATH to financial freedom, and time freedom out there for everyone,
but you have to change your thoughts and your actions.

Why not start on your path today.